A dog bed for life

The Bia bed has become a Swedish classic, a bed the dog chooses to lie in.

The story began with a doberman named Bia, she did not have a comfortable sleeping place but her owner Bengt worked in the furniture industry and made a bed for her. Bengt started a industri and the same model is sold today, 50 years later. Still in the family owned company.

Of all dog beds, the Swedish made Bia is the bestseller in Scandinavia. The powerful artificial leather that is the outer shell of the bed is durable and easy to clean. The Swedish polyether provides ergonomic support for the dog while the edges of the bed appeal to the dog’s instincts from wolf genes. But the most important of all benefits is of course that the dog is comfortable in the bed.

The Bia Bed is available in varying sizes to suit all dog breeds and can be fitted with soft cover as an accessory. With luxurious velvet covers, soft cotton coverings and furry fleece covers, Bia becomes a beautiful interior detail for the home. Manufactured in Valdemarsvik, Östergötland since 1969.



How much does a dog sleep?

That a dog sleeps more than us humans is perhaps something that you have noticed. But how many hours do a dog sleep? And a more important question is, how many hours do a dog need to sleep?

The need for sleep varies. Large dogs are more in need of sleep than small. Puppies need more sleep than adult dogs.

  • Puppies can sleep almost all the time.
  • Young dogs, about six months old, sleep between 16-20 hours.
  • An adult dog generally sleeps 12-18 hours a day.

Sleep deficiency for dogs can lead to stress and a decreased immune system. The dog may have difficulties to concentrate and may be irritated. In other words, just like us people. A good sleep helps keep the dog healthy.

Therefore it is so important that the dog has his own place where it can feel safe and rest and sleep without being disturbed. If there is a child in the family, it’s good to teach them this as soon as you can. Do not disturb the dog in his Bia Bed, especially when it’s sleeping.

Biabed – Made in Sweden



Bia Cotton Grey

Bia Cotton Grey

349 kr599 kr
Renew your Bia Bed with a cover in washed cotton.
Bia Royal Saffran 2

Bia Royal Saffron

349 kr599 kr
Match the sofa or pillow case with a Bia Royal Saffron cover. Bia Royal is a soft cover in velvet
Bia Bed 6 Svart

Bia 6 – 80x100cm

949 kr
Perfect for the dog or cat that likes to curl up when they want to sleep well. The beveled edge
Bia Bed 3 Blå

Bia 3 – 60x70cm

649 kr
Perfect for the dog that likes to curl up when they want to sleep well. The beveled edge gives an
Bia Madrass Mullvad

Bia Madrass 80x100x5 cm

729 kr
Bia madrass lämpar sig till platser med begränsat utrymme, exempelvis bilen, båten eller husbilen. Den är lätt att rulla ihop och tar liten plats vilket är perfekt vid bland annat hundutställningar.
Bia Bed 0 50 cm Mullvad

Bia 0 50x50cm ø

499 kr
Bia O is a circular model that measures 50 cm in diameter. Perfect for the dog or cat that likes
Bia Bed Original

Where to place the dog bed?

Place your Bia Bed where the dog seems to be comfortable. Sometimes it may be good to try different positions before finding the best place where the dog relaxes the most. The dog and man do not always have the same view of what feels most secure.

They would like to be with the family, their pack, so that they feel involved and can supervise the family members. Here, the built-in pillow in Bia comes well for use, the dog puts up the head on the edge that acts like a pillow and they can observe the family. When they sleep heavily, they usually curl up.